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    What's New?

    Leadership team coordinator, Mahboubeh Rakhshandehroo will be giving a webinar for the Centre for Global Higher Education on 14th December 2023

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    About Us

    We are the East Asia Regional Group of the ICLHE Association. Our objective is to enhance collaboration amongst professionals based in East Asia interested in the integration of content and language in higher education

    Getting Together

    Our annual symposium took place on 22nd April in Nagoya. We had a great day!



  • Member News

    Recent publications, projects, and presentations by members of ICLHE East Asia


    If you have member news that you'd like to share, please contact us

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    New Book Chapter

    Keiko Tsuchiya, along with Liss Kerstin Slyvén, has a book chapter titled "CLIL in Various Forms Around the World" in the forthcoming Routledge Handbook of Content and Language Integrated Learning.

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    New Article

    Mahboubeh Rakhshandehroo published an article titled "The attitude of Iranian students and instructors toward implementing EMI through virtual exchange" in Frontiers in Education in May.

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    Book Chapter

    Annette Bradford has a new book chapter, "EME in Japan: ROAD-MAPPING the Promises Made to Students", in the Routledge Focus on English-Medium Instruction in Higher Education book series.

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    Input in English-medium Instruction by Francesca Costa and Cristina Mariotti, the 6th book in the EMI series edited by East Asia team leaders, Howard Brown and Annette Bradford, was released in mid-February.

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    Book Chapter

    Keiko Tsuchiya has authored a book chapter "Intercultural Mediation in Contexts of Translanguaging" in the recently published Routledge Handbook of Intercultural Mediation.  

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    ICLHE East Asia coordinator, Mahboubeh Rakhshandehroo, has authored a short paper about creating inclusive internationalization spaces in EMI classrooms through COIL as part of the conference proceedings of the 2022 WES-CIHE Summer Institute.

  • Events, Calls & Programs

    ICLHE East Asia Symposium 2023

    Theme: Rethinking the E in EMI

    The fifth annual ICLHE East Asia Symposium was held on April 22, 2023, at Nagoya University in Japan. We had a great day sharing ideas and comparing experiences with 28 onsite participants and another 50 people registered for the online part of the schedule.

    6th Annual J-CLIL Conference

    Theme: One Step Further with CLIL: Learning practices transcending different disciplines and cultures

    Date: Saturday 7th October, 2023. 10:00am-6:00pm

    Venue: Waseda University and Zoom

    The 6th J-CLIL Annual Bilingual Conference is to be held in a hybrid format (on campus at Waseda University and online on Zoom) and features a keynote by Dario Banegas (University of Edinburgh). More details

    ICLHE Symposium 2023

    This year's ICLHE Symposium takes place in Vienna on 2nd & 3rd of November 2023. It will be a

    single-track symposium with on-site presentations and hybrid participation. Registration is now open.

    Find out more from the conference website here

    CLIL & EMI Training Programs

    • CLIL courses for Teachers and Administrators offered by Bridge. More details
    • EMI professional development for lecturers, professors, academics and researchers offered by Oxford EMI. More details
    • EMI training program for lecturers or teachers in higher education offered by Monash College. More details
  • A Q&A with...

    Interviews with ICLHE practitioners and researchers about their latest work

    We talk to Sainbayar Gundsambuu of Kyoto University of Foreign Studies about his EMI work in Mongolia

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    interview by Mahboubeh Rakhshandehroo

    Watch the video interview here


    Sainbayar Gundsambuu is an adjunct English lecturer at the British and American Studies Department, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Japan. Previously, he was a senior lecturer at the British and American Studies Department, the National University of Mongolia, Mongolia. He received his PhD in higher education from Osaka University.

    "Sam" is a reviewer of the IAFOR Journal of Education: Studies in Education and the SAGE Journal of Education. His primary research interests focus on the internationalization of higher education, English-medium instruction, and translation studies. He was a Fulbright scholar at Indiana University Bloomington.

    His publications include:

    • English medium instruction programs in private universities in Mongolia—Rationales and challenges., Higher Education Forum, 19, 21-43 (2022)
    • Internationalization and English as a medium of instruction in Mongolian higher education: A new concept. Journal of Language and Education, 5(2), 48-66 (2019)
    • Internationalization of higher education and English medium instruction in Mongolia: Initiatives and trends. Educational Studies. Moscow, 1, 215-243 (2019)
  • Program Spotlight

    Enhancing EMI Instruction Locally and Beyond

    The EMI Training Program at National Taiwan Normal University

    by Keith M. Graham and Tzu-Bin Lin,

    National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan


    In 2021, the Ministry of Education designated National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) as a Key Cultivation University, positioning NTNU as a leader in English-medium instruction (EMI). As part of this leadership role, NTNU’s Center for Teaching and Learning Development provides a multi-component EMI training program to support faculty interested in developing their EMI knowledge and skills.

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    The EMI training program offers several avenues for NTNU faculty to learn about EMI. For faculty new to EMI, video lectures on the university’s learning management system provide an introduction to EMI practices. Those interested in more extensive training have access to subsidies to enroll in the Cambridge Assessment Certificate in EMI Skills online course. The program also provides new and experienced faculty opportunities to join a community of practice and lesson study group at NTNU, designed to support further development of individual EMI teaching practices.

    One final component, which may be especially of interest to ICHLE East Asia members, is the EMI workshop series, open to faculty from any university. The workshop series offers both on-campus and online workshops designed to promote discussion and encourage reflection on EMI teaching practices. In the 2021–2022 academic year, topics included course design, teaching strategies, current research, and cultivating a positive mindset toward EMI. The workshops were facilitated by local and global scholars of EMI, including ICLHE East Asia’s leadership team member Annette Bradford, and attracted nearly 600 registrants from various cities and universities looking to engage in scholarly discussion on EMI teaching.

    The 2022–2023 EMI workshop series will kick off in October 2022, with six local and international speakers scheduled for the first semester. We welcome all ICLHE East Asia members in Taiwan to join us on campus for our workshops, and we welcome all ICLHE East Asia members, especially those outside of Taiwan, to join us for the workshops offered online.
    For workshop information and news about upcoming events, please visit https://ctld.ntnu.edu.tw/emi-workshop.

  • Previously Featured Programs

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    March 2022

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    November 2021

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    October 2020

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    July 2020

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    April 2020

  • What Are We Reading?

    Research about EMI, CLIL, plurilingual & internationalization reviewed by our members - click the image to read


    Leadership Team

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    Mahboubeh Rakhshandehroo
    Associate Lecturer,
    Kwansei Gakuin University
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    Yoko Kusumoto
    Associate Professor,
    Tokyo University of Technology
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    Events Leader

    Howard Brown
    University of Niigata Prefecture
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    Newsletter Editor

    Maria Vassileva

    Associate Professor,

    Nagoya University

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    Social Media Coordinator

    Graham Mackenzie
    Project Associate Professor,
    Sophia University
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    Website Coordinator

    Annette Bradford
    Associate, Oxford EMI
    Adjunct Fellow, Temple University Japan
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    Community Outreach - Japan

    Keiko Tsuchiya
    Associate Professor,
    Yokohama City University
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    Community Outreach - Vietnam

    Tho Doan Vo


    University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City

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    Community Outreach - Thailand

    Banchakarn Sameephet


    Khon Kaen University

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